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Planning Applications


Planning applications for Newburgh Parish can be viewed here by clicking on the link to the relevant West Lancashire Borough Council page


Newlyn, Course Lane ,Newburgh, WN8 7LA Proposed new 1.5 storey dwelling and detached garage. Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling and associated external works. (Ref 2020/0214/FUL)


Rigby’s Farm, Back Lane –  Use of land as equestrian centre including stables, store areas, menage, exercise areas and fields (Certificate of Lawfulness Ref 2020/0067/LDC)

Forest View Holiday Park, Back Lane– Creation of single residential dwelling (Ref 2020/0110/FUL)

Ivy House Farm, Back Lane- Re-roofing of existing building (Ref 2020/0120/LBC – Listed Building Consent)

27 Doe Meadow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LZ | Variation of Condition No. 2 of planning permission 2019/0785/FUL to vary the approved plans. (Ref 2020/0122/FUL)

 Fairways Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7UB Removal of existing garage and proposed single and two storey side extension.(Ref 2020/0026/FUL)


48 Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7ND  Two dormers to the front of the property (Ref 2019/1208/FUL)


Newlyn Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LA Demolition of existing dwelling, erection of 3 No. detached dwellings and associated external works. (Ref 2019/0935/FUL)


Lynfield Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LA

Single storey rear extension (Ref 2019/0694/FUL)

1-3 Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7ND

Replacement timber windows, rebuilding of chimney stacks, replacement roof to rear (single storey building) incorporating roof lights, removal of internal wall (single storey building).  (Ref 2019/0847/FUL and Ref 2019/0846/LBC)


Sandyway Course Lane Newburgh Wigan WN8 7LA Application for determination as to whether prior approval of details is required – Demolition of existing out-building, re-building part on existing footprint and part extension. (Ref 2019/0828/PNH)

27 Doe Meadow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LZ External and Internal works to a bungalow. External works include new rear dormer, new deck to rear, new flat roof to single storey section to rear, new pitched dormer to front elevation and other various works. (Ref 2019/0785/FUL)

Cast North West Eco Centre Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7SF Relocation of café, shop, cycle storage and repair. Alteration to the elevations and addition of porch to main ECO centre building and provision of outdoor seating. Revised siting and alteration to… (Ref 2019/0731/FUL)


Hughes Mushroom Farm Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7UB  Application for the construction of vehicle and pedestrian gates on previously approved access road (Ref 2019/0670/FUL)

Land To The East Of King Georges Field Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh Lancashire –  Change of use from privately owned field and wood to field and wood owned by Newburgh Parish Council for use as a recreation area for the residents of Newburgh. (Ref 2019/0671/COU )

Boisdale Tabbys Nook Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LN – Rear dormer extension to roof for ensuite bathroom. (Ref 2019/0620/FUL)

June 2019

Former Parbold Hill Quarry

Proposed land restoration and regrading works using inert material, associated highwayworks including ocnstruction of a temporary public car park (Ref LCC/2019/0028)

May 2019

Ashleigh & Best Song Ash Brow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7NG

Alterations to existing properties to form a single dwelling including demolition of existing garage; single storey extension to link Ashleigh and Best Song to form new entrance and utility area and single storey rear extension to form an extended kitchen/dining room. New vehicular access and driveway to the front of the property.

(Ref 2019/0439/FUL)

March 2019

Hillview Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7UB –  Erection of garden summerhouse in rear garden of residential property owned and inhabited by the applicant. Hexagonal in shape size 2.31m x 2.31m made of western red cedar wood. Eave height 2.13m (Ref 2019/0188/FUL)

January 2019

Mushroom Farm, Course Lane –  Variation of Condition No. 2 of planning permission 2018/0728/FUL to accommodate the inclusion of dormers to each dwelling (Ref 2018/1356/FUL).

27 Doe Meadow Newburgh WN8 7LZ  Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. Erection of part two storey/part first floor extension including material change from brick to render. (Ref 2018/1340/FUL)

Maharishi School Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh L40 6JJ  Erection of permanent timber cabin as school nursery classroom (Ref 2018/1288/FUL).

October 2018

Land To The North Of Back Lane Newburgh Lancashire:  Agricultural storage building (Ref 2018/1053/FUL)

September 2018

Greenhill Farm Ash Brow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7NG  Stables and use of existing field as equestrian space/ paddock.  (Ref 2018/0925/FUL)

Sundew Cottage, Ash Brow, Newburgh– Listed building consent for the replacement of upper and lower casement windows on the front. (Ref 2018/0823/LBC)

July 2018

Hughes Mushroom Farm Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7UB   Construction of seven residential dwellings following the demolition of the existing commercial premises and a single dwelling. (Ref 2018/0728/FUL)

7 Doe Meadow Newburgh WN8 7LH Garage conversion, erection of new porch and roof (part retrospective (Ref 2018/0716/FUL) 

3 Sandy Close Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7UY Alterations to front elevation and rear single storey extension. Associated external works. (Ref 2018/0654/FUL)

27 Clovelly Drive, Newburgh Proposed two storey rear extension.  Conversion and extension of existing garage into habitable accommodation at (Ref 2018/0641/FUL)

June 2018

Land to the West of Rose Farm Cottage, Course Lane, Newburgh.  Application to determine whether Prior Approval is required for Store for tractors and farm machinery  (Ref 2018/0638/PNP).

April 2018

Newburgh Post Office Course Lane Newburgh WN8 7LA  Demolition of garage/store and remodelling of outbuildings including single storey extension to side and rear. (ref 2018/0313/FUL and 2018/0314/LBC)

Westview 14 Sandy Lane Newburgh WN8 7TT  Single-storey extension to side. (ref 2018/0283/FUL)

March 2018 

Cast North West Eco Centre Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh WN8 7SF  Creation of balancing pond, reed bed, constructional training facility and access track  (ref 2018/0213/FUL)

7 Doe Meadow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LH  Garage conversion, erection of new porch and roof  (Ref 2018/0226/FUL)

December 2017

Brynkerry Back Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7XB| Replacement of an aluminium framed patio door unit. Modification to the existing garden room, replacing hardwood framed door with a hardwood framed window. Decking laid in front of the french door. (ref 2017/1261/FUL)

Ashdene Ash Brow Newburgh WN8 7NG Demolition of existing single storey conservatory at rear and side/rear and installation of new front entrance door and front garage door (ref 2017/1263/FUL)

September 2017

Newburgh Post Office Course Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LA Demolition of garage/store and re-modelling of outbuildings including single storey extension to side and rear. (ref 2017/0852/FUL and 2017/0853/LBC )


August 2017 31 Woodrow Drive Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LB   Proposed Two Storey Side Extension  (ref 2017/0809/FUL ).

June 2017 Former Farm Shop Course Lane Newburgh Lancashire WN8 7LA   Replace existing greenhouses with new agricultural building (ref 2017/0738/FUL)

June 2017   Demolition of existing conservatory. Proposed single storey side and rear extensions. |6 Acrefield Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7LJ (ref 2017/0617/FUL)

June 2017  Boundary Farm Ash Brow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7NG Installation of velux windows to rear elevation. (ref 2017/0619/FUL)

June 2017 Boundary Farm Ash Brow Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7NG  Listed Building Consent – Re-roofing and installation of velux windows to rear elevation.  (ref 2017/0285/LBC)

June 2017  Planning application appeal
Forest View, Back Lane, Newburgh (ref 2016/0998/COU The planning application for change of use from holiday accommodation to residential accommodation has gone to appeal. For more information click here:…/…

June 2017  

Newburgh C of E Primary School Back Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7XB  ( ref 2017/0430/FUL)
Erection of new mobile classroom.…/…

May 2017  The Retreat 4 Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh Wigan Lancashire WN8 7ND (ref 2017/0470/LBC)

Listed Building Consent – Replace 5 no. single glazed wood windows with timber double glazed windows to rear elevation

May 2017 Red Apple Nursery, Cobbs Brow Lane, Newburgh, Wigan, Lancashire (2017/0350/FUL)

Phase 2 extension to the existing CAST facility. Creation of 1 No. additional large fishing lake. Creation of a 31 space hard surfaced car park. A 16 x 30m indoor complex needs angling building. A timber clad 7.5m x 10m community angling club house. Timber Storage Shed (located in phase 1), 2 No. log cabins to form respite holiday accommodation. Informal landscaped areas. Gardens/picnic/ animal area (sensory area).

Mar 2017  Danes End Back Lane Newburgh WN8 7UW   (ref 2017/0188/FUL)  Demolition of a timber agricultural building and its replacement with a general purpose steel portal frame agricultural building to be used for livestock housing and general storage on land at Dane End.

Mar 2017 Greenhill Farm, Ash Brow (ref 2017/0167/FUL & 2017/0168/LBC)  Listed Building Consent and Application for a single storey extension to the rear of the property.  Replacement of the existing single glazed timber sliding sash windows to front elevation with double glazed timber sash windows in same style.  Repointing to the front and gable elevations with lime mortar.  Re-roof with existing stone slabs at Greenhill Farm, Ash Brow, Newburgh

Jan 2017  Mughouse Farm (ref 2016/1320/LDC)    Cert of lawfulness – use of barn as residential use only without compliance with condition nos 2,3,7 & 10 imposed on planning permission 8/2000/0083
Nov 2016  Strawberry Farm: Two planning applications have been made (ref 2016/1151/FUL and 2016/1245/FUL). One is for internal and external works to the building to create retail and café units and ancillary facilities.The other is to replace an existing greenhouse with a new agricultural storage building.
To view the applications and their progress click on the links below and view “Documents”