Walk A – The Bluebell Woods Walk [4km; 2.5 miles]

We hope this will encourage people to walk Newburgh’s footpaths for pleasure and recreation. Refreshments are available in the village at the Red Lion, the Post Office Tea Rooms and Applecast.

From the car park at the Red Lion in the centre of the village cross the main road and take the signposted path to the left between two houses. Pass through the stable yard then through a narrow gate ahead and along the left side of the hedge. Cross the stile and then the footbridge over the Boundary Brook.

Follow the path, aiming for the solitary oak tree diagonally to your right. At the tree, follow the track uphill and through a gap in the hedge boundary. Turn briefly right towards the wood then almost immediately left to follow the edge of the wood. After about 80 metres there is a clear path down into the wood and along the stream. Follow this path and cross a footbridge. Follow the path alongside the stream. At the end of the path turn right and climb the steps (1)

[ While there is a path over the stile (1) following the edge of the wood this short-cut is not a public right of way ]

The right of way leads from (l) straight ahead with the hedge on your right to Cobbs Brow Lane. You need to beware of traffic as you emerge onto the lane turn left and after 100 metres turn left again at the Footpath sign. Follow the line of hedge away from the road. Continue until you reach the footbridge in the corner of the second field (2).

Cross the bridge and stile into the field. Follow the path across the field in the same direction to the stile between hedges. [See (3) below for an extension to walk A l. Continue straight on, reaching a hedge on your right, and emerge on Higher Lane at the Dungeon Lane junction (4). Turn left down Higher Lane for about half a mile, passing the Lees Lane junction on your right. Opposite the driveway to the Coach House turn left at the footpath sign. Cross the stile and make for the footbridge straight ahead. Retrace your steps across the bridge and through the stables. Cross the road to the Red Lion.

(3) Extension to Walk A [see above] (800 metres; 0.5 miles)

Just before the stile in the hedge turn right, keeping the hedge on your left, Follow the hedge as it bends left until you reach two stiles in the field comer. Cross the stiles and head diagonally right across the small paddock and through the gate. Cross the stream and take the path between the fences. Where the path emerges on a driveway, turn left onto Higher Lane. Turn left again down Higher Lane to return to walk A at (4) above.

Newburgh Parish Council. Revised November 2020

NEWBURGH FOOTPATHS – Walk B – The Canal Walk [4km; 2.5 miles]

We hope this leaflet will encourage people to walk Newburgh’s footpaths for pleasure and recreation. Refreshments are available in the village at the Red Lion, the Post Office Tea Rooms and Applecast.

From the Red Lion car park in the centre of the village turn left, away from the village green, walk down Ash Brow for 100 metres and turn left onto the signed footpath which runs along the left hand side of the fence along the drive of Wayside Cottage. Follow the path straight down towards the canal. Turn left at the field edge at the top of the canal bank and follow the canal, skirting obstacles in places. Cross Culvert Lane on Bridge 36B and continue along the canal as before. With the white cottage ahead and to your left keep close to the canal bank until you reach Deans Lane at Bridge 36A. Please respect the private garden along the edge of which the path passes. [See (1) below for an extension to the walk]

Take the steps down into Deans Lane and turn left up the hill. At the top of the Lane turn left into Back Lane. Just past the school take the signposted footpath on your left around the field and down to the canal bank. Turn right and follow the line of the canal for 200 metres. Take the path to your right where the canal narrows and follow this back up across the field to Ash Brow. Turn right and return to the Red Lion. 

(1) Extension to Walk B [2.4km; 1.5 miles]

NB This includes the remaining Newburgh footpath. It emerges on a very narrow, busy main road with no provision for pedestrians. At this point you may wish to return by the same path to Spencers Cottage.

Take the steps down into Deans Lane, turn right under the canal and immediately left up onto the towpath. Turn right along the towpath in the same direction as before for about 800 metres. At the next bridge (Swingbridge – number 36) turn left across the canal. Turn right at the footpath sign straight after the white cottage. Follow the clearly marked footpath round the field until you reach the main road, almost opposite Tawd Vale Scout camp. EITHER turn left on the busy main road (see note above) to return to Newburgh OR retrace your steps to Swingbridge 36, turn right on to the lane and follow it until you meet the junction with Deans Lane. Continue along Back Lane and follow instructions as above. 

Newburgh Parish Council. Revised March 2015. If you wish to try other local walks, look for the leaflets published by Parbold Parish Council, available in Parbold village.