Newburgh Parish Council 
 Values & Vision Statement
Newburgh Parish Council is accredited as a Quality Council but we continue to strive for further improvement not only in the way we operate but also to improve the quality of life for the people we serve.  In this context we have produced a set of values, which represent the beliefs of the Council and an expression of what we stand for and how we will conduct ourselves.  These values underpin the vision which is intended to give a sense of the future, guide decision-making on what difference we will make and on how will we change things for the better in Newburgh.
The Values and Vision Statement set out below was adopted by the Parish Council in 2009. An Action Plan is based on this Statement
Values and Visions
Our Values
Newburgh Parish Council will advance the interests and well-being of our neighbourhood.  To do this we believe we must:
       1.  Respect and treat everyone fairly
       2.  Be open and honest
       3.  Work in partnership
       4.  Involve all sections of the community
       5.  Listen to what people tell us
       6.  Act in the best interests of Newburgh and its residents
       7.   Be accountable and open to scrutiny
Our Vision
To advance the interests and well-being of our neighbourhood we will: