Round O Quarry Planning Permissions

Lancashire County Council has now issued Planning Permissions for Round O Quarry together with a Section 106 Agreement following its decision last year to grant the permissions.

The two Planning Permissions control operations within the boundary of the quarry. They allow the “continuation of restoration by inert waste until 31 March 2020” and “aggregate recycling to continue until 30 September 2019”. The Section 106 Agreement is a legal agreement which defines, and allows to be enforced, restrictions on the numbers and routeing of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) on the public highway.

During our campaign on the planning applications, the main concern of residents and the Parish Council was the number of HGVs likely to pass through the village. The Permissions and the 106 Agreement together mean that there is now a daily limit of 100 HGV movements through Newburgh (equivalent to 50 lorries going each way) from Monday to Friday, with no movements allowed on Saturdays.  This is in line with the offer from the quarry operator as a result of our campaign.  While this does not meet our objective of eliminating HGV traffic through Newburgh and is still an unacceptable level, the total is a considerable reduction on volumes that could have passed through the village if the 400 HGV movements a day allowed under the Permissions had been without any routeing restriction.

The 106 Agreement also restricts the HGVs passing through Newburgh to those “owned or operated by or otherwise controlled by” Inglenorth. In theory this could mean a reduction in non-Inglenorth traffic through the village. In practice it will depend on what use Inglenorth makes of other hauliers.  While this will prove difficult to monitor through roadside observation, there are controls in the 106 Agreement that obligate the company to instruct hauliers it does not control to use the southern route to and from the quarry.  Written records of breaches are also required.

The Permissions also carry a number of Conditions including:


Next steps

The Parish Council recognises that we now need to work with Lancashire County Council to ensure that the minimum disruption possible is caused to residents as a consequence of quarry vehicles passing through the village.  We will seek to restart the previous arrangement of a Liaison Committee of the Parish Council, LCC and the quarry operators.  We will consider more roadside monitoring.

Most important is for residents to be vigilant along the route and to report to the Parish Council any examples of apparent breaches of the restrictions above or any inconsiderate driving (The Speed Indicator Device will continue to be used along the route). Vehicle details (number plates, hauliers’ names, times and dates) should be recorded where possible.

In the meantime if you have any further questions or comments on the Permissions or the 106 Agreement please contact any of the Councillors below or email details to Sandra Jones, Parish Clerk, at

Reg Porter   01257 462463
Jacky Citarella  01257 463621
Clare Gillard   01257 464533
Chris Moore  01257 463471
Jean O’Keefe  01257 463630
Rebecca Richardson 01257 463942
Maureen Turner  01257 462970 

Published by Sandra Jones, Clerk to Newburgh Parish Council Tel 01704 892520
August 2012