Major tasks

  • Support the establishment of an association to manage Appleton Fields and the transfer of management responsibility from the Parish Council
  • Continue to work closely with LCC and WLBC to progress further works to mitigate the risks of flooding in the village
  • Follow up submission of the Roads Investigation Report to LCC and the Police and Crime Commissioner with further liaison to propose possible solutions 
  • Review the Council’s communication media, Website design process and Accessibility
  • Maintain maintenance programme for all village assets, determine costs and agree responsibilities with WLBC and LCC
  • Monitor Local Plan and respond to consultations
  • Analyse the 2021 Census and present the results to the village as appropriate

These are in addition to regular annual routines/events: reviewing and commenting on planning applications;  Christmas arrangements; Footpaths maintenance; Newburgh Fair Support; review of community service; Annual Report and Newsletter production; village website updates; Clean and Green review with West Lancs Borough Council; Annual Parish Meeting